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From the basics to step-by-step implementation: As a certified OKR Facilitator you will learn how to get the best out of the Silicon Valley Power Tool for you, your team and your company!
F2F, virtual, or hybrid Set Up!

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Short planning cycles, maximum transparency, high employee motivation – OKR inspires as a contemporary successor to MbO and goes far beyond.

Bring the agile leadership method into your team and company.

Become an OKR FACILITATOR now!

You’re wondering

  • What’s the best way to approach it?
  • What should I know before we start with OKR?
  • How have other teams, departments and companies implemented OKR?
  • What are the classic pitfalls of implementation? How can they be avoided?
  • How can OKR be combined with other goal-achieving systems (e.g. MbO, KPI) and bonus systems?

You would like to have

  • Concentrated knowledge about theory, history and mode of operation of objectives and key results
  • Deep understanding of the role of the OKR facilitator
  • Different implementation strategies with advantages and disadvantages
  • Individual implementation consulting & exchange with executives with the same challenge
  • Moderation tips and document templates for all OKR meetings
  • Trying out the OKR facilitator role in a safe environment

The two-day OKR Facilitator Training prepares you perfectly for your new role as the person responsible for OKR agendas in the company. You will not only learn exactly how OKR works and why it is currently conquering company after company. Day 2 is entirely dedicated to the concrete steps necessary for a successful implementation in your team, department or company. Including stakeholder analysis and tools for convincing and committing all relevant players in your project.

Content in detail

Understanding OKR


  • What is OKR and what can it be used for?
  • Why rely on OKR at all?
  • How does OKR work exactly?
  • What do practical implementation examples look like?

Mastering OKR


  • Vision, mission and strategic roadmap as a guideline for defining OKR
  • Formulate good and inspiring OKRs
  • Simulation of a Company OKR quarterly meeting with a real company example
  • Simulation of an OKR stand-up meeting with a real company example

Implement OKR


  • Individual evaluation: Does OKR make sense for us?
  • Roll-in vs. roll-out: advantages and challenges of both approaches
  • Effects on other leadership instruments (appraisal interview, MbO, bonus system, …)
  • Analyse relevant stakeholders and develop persuasion strategies
  • Implementation planning for your implementation of OKR

Main Trainer

Guest Speaker

Expert in Practical Implementation Experiences

Main Trainer: Dominik Etzl

Main Trainer: Dominik Etzl

Solution Development Manager of MDI Management Development GmbH, Trainer & Programm-Manager

Dominik Etzl is Solution Development Manager at MDI and has accompanied the topic of “Leadership in Digital Transformation” with passion and conviction for years. His goal is to support leaders in successfully mastering the switch of the Digital Transformation. He has held the role of OKR Facilitator himself since 2018 and accompanies OKR meetings and teams as consultant and reflection guide.

Gunther Fürstberger

Gunther Fürstberger

CEO of MDI Management Development GmbH, Trainer, Coach & Author

Gunther Fürstberger is CEO of MDI Management Development International. For more than 20 years, he has dedicated himself to the topic of leadership and development as a trainer, coach and consultant for large companies from a wide range of industries, including the implementation of individual Agile Change Journeys and the introduction of OKR.

After these two days, you’ll say…

  • I have a comprehensive understanding of management through Objectives & Key Results.
  • I understand the connection between OKR and strategic guidelines in the company (Mission, Vision, Strategic Roadmap).
  • I can formulate meaningful Objectives & Key Results for my company, my department, my team and myself.
  • I am able to plan and implement the introduction of OKR in our company step by step.

How does it work?

Unique Set-Up

Due to the eased restrictions in Austria the training can take place as a face-to-face training. Also, we offer the option to participate via Live-Stream!

2 days face-to-face training or
training via Live-Stream

• Simulations of realistic scenarios
• Feedback on implementation
• Work on your own case
• Exchange with interesting people from different areas

Online course

• Preparation tasks
• Pre-Read & topical introduction
• Transfertasks
• Peer Coaching & experience exchange

 OKR Facilitator Training 

2 training days 

Online course including preparation, peer coaching and implementation support
by your trainers and workshop colleagues

Would you like to dive deeper into the topic of OKR?

Does OKR actually pay off?

Does OKR actually pay off?


OKR proved to be a great method to overcome crisis situations. Therefore, CEO Gunther Fürstberger speaks about the direct impact of OKR on the growth of MDI as a consulting and training company.

OKR introduction Volksbank Academy

OKR introduction Volksbank Academy

Managing like Google

What is the point of the new method, which, after following the example of Google & Co, is increasingly being used by companies from Austria – including now the Volksbank Academy

Experience report from a CEO

Experience report from a CEO

Implementation of OKR

The incoming orders rose by 26% compared to the previous year. The profit has more than doubled and the staff turnover has decreased. The challenge now is the expansion of the team to keep up with the current growth. 

We are at your side

As MDI Management Development International, we have more than 50 years of experience in leadership – across all industries and management levels, hierarchically and laterally. From our daily work with thousands of leaders and experts worldwide, we know exactly what your challenges are. Based on this, we have developed and coordinated tools and solutions that pick you up exactly where you are and support you in your leadership work in an effective, measurable and sustainable way. In addition, we love what we do, we are surfing the digitalization wave ourselves and would like to share our know-how, passion and enthusiasm for change with you.

Let’s talk!

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